Active learning simulations for investigating the science of global warming

Based on climate education research • Adapted for middle and high schools • Tested in classrooms • Easily embedded in Graasp activities and other web platforms

Approved by the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development 2022


Oscillating charge

Electromagnetic waves emitted by an oscillating charge

Oscillating charge linkOscillating charge github link

Thermal radiation

Thermal radiation emitted by a planetary surface

Thermal radiation linkThermal radiation github link

Radiation absorption

Interaction between radiation and gas molecules

Radiation absorption linkRadiation absorption github link

Energy balance

Global model including radiation, greenhouse gases, clouds and ice

Energy balance linkEnergy balance github link

Brief tutorial of the simulations

* Recommended pedagogical prerequisites: Concepts of electric charges, atoms, molecules, energy, and power


The simulations were designed and validated by Philippe Kobel and Thierry Gerez (Physics and Chemistry teachers at Gymnase du Bugnon), with the scientific collaboration of Stéphane Goyette (University of Geneva) and didactic support of Yves Debernardi and Nicolas Perrin (Haute École Pédagogique Vaud). The interaction design and implementation were carried out by Kim Lan Phan Hoang and Hagop Taminian within Denis Gillet's group at EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), and were consolidated in collaboration with .
Team photo
Left to right: Stéphane Goyette, Denis Gillet, Thierry Gerez, Kim Lan Phan Hoang, Philippe Kobel, Yves Debernardi, and Nicolas Perrin.